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Boasting distinctiveness and versatility in equal measure, ATL based producer Kreatev sat down with us to discuss his work. In this installment of the Soulquest Lab, he delves into the process through which he merges West Coast influences with soul and jazz, the ebb and flow of his creative process, the importance of visuals+more.  First off, thank you so much for giving us your time and knowledge. We’ve been following your work for quite some time now. How are you?  Hey! I appreciate you having me. Everything is good. Just making Music as usual lol.  How and when did you start making music?  I started making Music when I was 14 Using Cakewalk and my dads tape recorder to loop...

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Soulquest LAB #9 - An interview with Made in M

For this 9th episode of the Soulquest Lab, we interviewed Berlin based producer Made in M. Alongside producers like Juan Rios, FloFilz, Swum and others, he helped define a sound that later became iconic; Sweet pleasing chords and harmonies, crisp and laidback drums, hypnotic, yet voluntarily slightly dissonant sounds. The perfect music to turn to when in need of a few moments of calm escape and introspection.  We talked about his organic touch, his tools and the state of the Lofi scene.    Hey man ! Thank you so much for giving us your time. We’ve been listening to your music for a very long time now. We discovered your work around 2014-2015 with your collab LP with Juan RIOS ‘Sumergido’ and have been following your...

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