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This week, we are very excited to welcome New York based producer Ewonee for the last episode of the 1st season of the Soulquest Lab. With a very distinct sonic identity, Ewonee's beats often feature deep bass lines, very hard drums, gritty textures and beautiful synths and chords. From beautifully chopped samples to analog inspired grooves, we had the chance to ask him a few questions and know more about his worldview, his new tape ''Cheel'', as well as the process through which he creates his ethereal music. First off, thank you so much for giving us your time. We’ve been listening to your music for quite some time and it’s been very inspiring. It’s truly a blessing to be able to...

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Soulquest LAB #15 - An interview with Elaquent

This week in The Soulquest Lab, we had the honor to welcome legendary Canadian producer Elaquent. Known for his meticulous production, insanely crisp drums, unpredictable synths and more, Elaquent's impressive discography showcases years of constant evolution. We took a moment to chat about his new project, his collaborations, inspirations and the tools he uses to create such timeless creations.    Hey man, Thank you so much for being here. As a beat maker and music listener myself I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and all the music you’ve put out throughout the years. The homies and I have been bumping your music for ages now and I think it definitely inspired our sound so it’s truly amazing to have you here. Thanks man, that's really...

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Soulquest LAB #14 - An interview with Blue November

This week in the Soulquest Lab, we went to sunny California to ask a few questions to talented LA based rapper Blue November. He told us how recording his own voice took his music to the next level, the producers he works with, the music that he's currently working on and a lot more. Hey what’s up man ?  How are you? I’m doing well, can’t complain ! We’re fascinated by versatile artists like you. You have the ability to rap on uptempo trap beats like Swamp or Sanctuary, be flawless on Spacey and melancholic beats like Void or Pea Coat Pimp and rap/even sing very melodic hooks on Neo-Soul/Hip-Hop productions. What would you attribute this to? I’ve never felt confined as far...

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Soulquest LAB #13 - An interview with Clbrks

This week, we are back in the UK with our new guest, London based rapper Clbrks. Through a very insightful phone call, he gave us a moment to talk about his satirical, unique and stellar style and flow, his sample infused beats and his latest collaborative project with Ottawa producer Dweeb, ‘’The Library of Babel’’ released with Group Bracil. Congrats on your new project man. How is it going so far? Are you happy with the feedback and reactions? Thanks man ! It’s been good yeah. We sold all the vinyls off the back of 2 singles and we just finished selling the cassettes. That’s quite good for me because I don’t have to worry so much about promoting it and sticking it in people’s face...

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Soulquest LAB #12 - An interview with K, Le Maestro

This week, we had the pleasure to welcome our London based producer friend K, Le Maestro for a quick talk. He gave us a moment to chat about his process, how he creates on the go & the importance of being yourself, both online and in real life.  Hey man, Thank you for being here, it’s great to have you. How are you ? I'm good. Life is good, just finished my debut album so right now I'm making whatever I feel like making as well as dabbling in other production styles and starting some drafts for the next album whenever that will arise. But outside of that, I'm coolin. We first met virtually in 2015 on the ‘’art of sampling’’ Facebook group and I’ve been a fan...

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