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Soulquest LAB #7 - An interview with Miles Singleton

For this 7th episode of The Soulquest Lab, we had a conversation with our very good friend Miles Singleton. He shared an intimate look into his music and philosophy. Progressive, soothing and thought-provoking musician and producer, Miles gave us the opportunity to learn more about his art. Hey man, thank you so much for doing this ! We’ve been wanting to interview you for a while now. Thank you for having me. It’s an honor. I’ve been following Soulquest since y’all started. Really love what you are doing and the way your platform is curated. Big props Thanks man ! Let’s start at the very beginning. When did you start making music and what made you want to start recording your own tracks? I know that you played the guitar...

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Soulquest LAB #6 - An interview with Javier Santiago

This week, we interviewed one of our favorite up and coming musicians: Javier Santiago. For this 6th episode, the 31 years old San Francisco based producer and piano virtuoso gave us a moment to chat about his work, his inspirations and his great ability to blend genres. Hey man, Happy new year !  Thank you for being here, it’s great to have you. How are you ? HNY ! I’m doing well! Best that I could be during this crazy time. Thanks for having me! Sure ! Can you tell us a little about your beginnings in music? When and how did you start making music and what first got you into it, especially music production? Any favorite producers or musicians? I started playing piano when...

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Soulquest LAB #5 - An interview with Melodiesinfonie

For this 5th episode of the Soulquest Lab, we interviewed our very good friend Melodiesinfonie. With a very prolific discography of 7 albums and many EP's and singles, the 27 years old Swiss producer gave us a moment to talk about his process, his philosophy and what he's currently working on.    Hey man, thank you so much for your time ! We’ve been listening to your music for a very long time. Probably before we even knew you too lived in Switzerland. Your evolution has been fascinating and it’s truly a blessing to be able to do this. How are you? Oh, thanks a lot for the kind words. I’m very relaxed at the moment, working on a lot of new music and feeling super inspired. You recently mentioned starting...

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Soulquest LAB #4 - An interview with Ckwnce

This week in The Soulquest Lab, we had a conversation with mysterious Hesperia, CA based producer Ckwnce. From consistent neo-soul releases to production credits for Aminé, CJ Fly and others, we explored our guest's sonic universe, philosophy and artistic approach. Hey man, Thank you so much for doing this. Amazing to have you. How have you been you ? Simply put, blessed; very grateful. I appreciate you having me. First off, congratulations on your new project ‘’A la’’. We are huge fans of your work here and we love the music you put out. When did you start making music and what first got you into it ? Any favorite producer ? Thank you infinitely. To make an incredibly long story short, I was always inclined towards art...

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Soulquest LAB #3 - An interview with FloFilz

For the 3rd episode of The Soulquest Lab, we got the chance to talk with amazing german beat maker FloFilz. From consistent Hip-Hop remixes and Soundcloud releases to producing for Rejjie Snow and Damu the Fudgemunk, we talked about his evolution in the beat scene, his inspirations as well as his latest project Lost In Translation.  An OG in the so-called ''lofi'' beat-scene, his evolution will not fail to inspire you. Hey man, Thank you for being here, great to finally have you. How are you ? Hey, thanks for having me ! I’m doing well, moved to Berlin recently and have been busy setting everything up. Excited for a fresh start and a new environment !   First off, congratulations on your new album Lost in Translation. You recently teamed up with Maryland...

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