Soulquest LAB

Soulquest Lab is a captivating collection of interview articles that delves into the inspirations, workflows, and lives of an expansive range of emerging music artists across various genres. With a firm commitment to shedding light on the creative journey, our mission is to offer profound insights into the lives of a diverse and exceptionally talented group of individuals.

Through in-depth conversations and personal narratives, we aim to uncover the motivations that drive these artists, the challenges they face, and the unique perspectives they bring to their craft. From the introspective singer-songwriter to the boundary-pushing experimentalist, from the passionate hip-hop lyricist to the trailblazing electronic producer, we seek to explore the vast expanse of musical expression and share the stories of those who shape its landscape.

We believe that understanding the experiences, triumphs, and trials of these talented individuals fosters a deep appreciation for the power of music to inspire, provoke, and connect us all. Whether you're an avid listener, a fellow artist, or simply curious about the human stories behind the melodies, Soulquest Lab may be a gateway to an enlightening exploration of the creative process.

  • Joe Armon Jones
  • Ewonee
  • Elaquent
  • Blue November
  • Clbrks
  • K, Le Maestro
  • MoRuf
  • Theo
  • Made in M
  • Miles Singleton
  • Javier Santiago
  • Melodiesinfonie
  • Ckwnce
  • Flofilz
  • Brainorchestra
  • Cisco Swank